Manulife One is an innovative all-in-one account that combines your client’s mortgage with a line of credit and full service daily chequing account. You can help your clients achieve home ownership and much more, by tailoring Manulife One to their specific financial needs and circumstances. Show them how to maximize every dollar they earn, and put their savings to work to offset debt.

We designed Manulife One to benefit home-owners at every stage of life who need their mortgage to be:

Simple – an easy consolidation of all household finances that reduces borrowing costs

Smart – a way to use home equity to finance other family priorities when needed

Flexible – an opportunity to save thousands in interest costs by repaying on their own terms

Put every dollar to work paying down debt – every day

What if your clients could combine all their deposits and everything they borrow, including their mortgage, into a single account? And every dollar they earned automatically went towards paying down their debt?

That’s exactly what Manulife One does, and more! It brings your client’s mortgage, savings and income together to help them:

  • save thousands in interest;
  • be debt-free years sooner;
  • enjoy financial flexibility; and
  • simplify their everyday banking.

When your clients deposit income into their Manulife One account, they reduce their debt and save interest costs until they need to withdraw funds to pay for daily living expenses. Whatever is left over in the Manulife One account goes directly towards reducing their borrowing costs. At any time, your clients can write a cheque, make a debit payment or transfer money electronically to access the equity they’ve built up in their home (up to their borrowing limit).

How it works

Clients can borrow up to 80% of the appraised value of their home. Manulife One is comprised of a main account (revolving line of credit) and, in some situations, a 5 year fixed rate term sub-account (a traditional mortgage within the Manulife One account). Borrowing allocated to a term sub-account will be dependent on the loan to value. Clients will have the option to setup additional sub-accounts once their account has been opened.

Flexible repayment options

Manulife One provides your clients with financial flexibility. With Manulife One, the debt in the main account is automatically reduced any time your client makes a deposit to their account. We recommend they deposit sufficient funds to cover the monthly interest owing on the account. Clients have the freedom to pay down their debt as quickly as they like, on their own terms.

If the client has a term sub-account, they must pay the monthly principal and interest owing for the sub-account each month. In addition to regular monthly payments, clients can prepay up to 20% of the original principal amount of the sub-account each year.

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Manulife One is offered through Manulife Bank of Canada.

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