Manulife One is an innovative all-in-one banking account that puts all your client’s money to work all the time in order to outsmart their debt. Here’s how it works.

Clients can borrow up to 80% of the appraised value of their home.

The Manulife One account is comprised of a Main account (revolving line of credit) and, in some situations, a 5-year fixed rate term sub-account (a traditional mortgage within the Manulife One account).

Borrowing allocated to a term sub-account will be dependent on the loan to value ratio. Clients will have the option to set up additional sub-accounts once their account has been opened.

Flexible repayment options

Manulife One provides clients with financial flexibility.

Each month we recommend clients deposit sufficient funds to cover the monthly interest owing on the account. If the client has a term sub-account, they will be required to pay the monthly principal and interest owing for the sub-account each month.

In addition to regular monthly payments, clients can prepay up to 20% of the original principal amount of the sub-account each year.

Manulife One – Standard program

Target market

Affluent or approaching affluent home owners – with or without a mortgage – seeking financing for their residential real estate, including but not limited to a purchase, refinance, bridge or switch. Clients must have a positive net worth and high earnings potential.

Loan to value (LTV)

  • Max 65% Main account (revolving line of credit)
  • Min 15% Term sub-account

Maximum borrowing limit


Calculated on the lesser of $3 million and 80% of the 1st $1.5 million and 50% of residual value of the property being financed.

Minimum borrowing limit


Preferred lending areas

Across Canada, excluding the territories.

Acceptable properties

  • Owner occupied single family dwelling (includes detached home, townhouse or condominium), duplex, triplex and fourplex.
  • Property must be residentially-zoned and utilized.
  • In-law apartments permitted.

Not all your clients will meet the requirements for Manulife One. We can offer them a more traditional mortgage solution – Manulife Bank Select.

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