Manulife One is available to a wide range of clients looking for an all-in-one account. The programs are intended for A+ clients with a high credit score, positive net worth, solid income, and future earnings potential.

Standard program

Your client – values the ability to pay down debt on their own terms to retire debt faster- and needs flexibility to cover pending expenses such as a home renovation or a car. Their income is stable year over year, even if it fluctuates month to month.

The program – The Manulife One Standard lending program is targeted to home owners, with or without a mortgage, seeking financing of up to 80% loan to value, for their residential real estate. Clients can borrow up to $3,000,000 under this program.

Small business owner program

Your client – is entrepreneurial, needs flexibility to manage fluctuating cash flow, and values the ability to pay down debt on their own terms.

The program - when financing a residential property, established owners who have been in business a minimum of two years, may qualify for a Manulife One account under our Small Business Owners lending program. The program allows small business owners to borrow up to 65% loan to value for their single family dwelling (detached home, townhouse, or condominium).

Investment property program

Your client – makes good rental income, needs self-contained accounts to track property expenses, and may be looking to purchase more property soon. Cash flow flexibility is also important to this client.

The program - the investment property program is available to individuals seeking tax-efficient financing for their investment residential real estate. The program allows clients to borrow up to 80% loan to value (75% for high rise condominiums) for their investment property which can be up to four units.

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