There are so many good reasons to offer Manulife Bank mortgage solutions to your clients! To understand all the benefits, contact your Manulife Bank Business Development Consultant or Manulife Bank Sales at 1-855-518-7456 or

Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  • Offer innovative cash flow and debt management solutions to homeowners at all stages of life, even clients who are mortgage free
  • Expand your service offerings with mortgage products that integrate full banking privileges
  • Secure long term relationships and future referrals using a holistic view of your client’s financial position
  • Think beyond mortgages to full banking solutions that differentiate you from your competition
  • Invest time in certification to stand out in the marketplace
  • Use new strategies that will engage lawyers, accountants and real estate agents to generate more referrals
  • National sales and business development support, with over 100 specialist resources
  • Personal consultants, local to your market, ready to assist you
  • 1 in 5 Canadians have a relationship with Manulife, either directly or through their workplace benefits and pension plans
  • Manulife Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial Corporation (Manulife)

Visit the Product sections on this site where you will find information about all of our mortgage solutions including Manulife One, Manulife Bank Select and our Lending Programs.

If you are certified to offer Manulife Bank mortgage solutions, you can also contact your Business Development Consultant any time you need advice or assistance.

Your Manulife Bank Business Development Consultant (BDC) is your dedicated relationship manager. Over 90 Business Development Consultants across Canada are trained to understand your local mortgage market and provide the highest level of expertise in Manulife Bank solutions for the clients most suited to our offering.

Your Business Development Consultant is your first point of contact with Manulife Bank, providing ongoing support and service to you. They work with you to identify the best prospects for Manulife Bank mortgage solutions, offer innovative debt management solutions and grow your book of business.

If your organization is contracted with Manulife Bank and you want to know or confirm the Business Development Consultant in your market, contact your Head Office or Manulife Bank Sales at 1-855-518-7546 or

After completing the Manulife Bank mortgage solutions certification training, mortgage professionals may offer at this time:

  • Manulife One – residential properties up to 80% of the home’s market value
  • Manulife Bank Select – residential properties up to 95% of the home’s market value
  • Bridge Loans

Information on Training & Certification can be found on this site under the Resources Tab or click here.

You can contact your Head Office to get information about how your firm conducts Manulife Bank certification training. Alternatively, you can contact Manulife Bank directly and our Sales team will be ready to assist you. You can reach Manulife Bank Sales at:


Please contact our Manulife Bank Sales team to find out if you qualify to offer our mortgage solutions. You can reach us at:


Manulife Bank is a lender on Expert, D+H’s origination platform. Once you are certified by Manulife Bank, you will be able to submit mortgage applications using Expert. Simply select Manulife Bank as the lender.

If you have your Manulife Bank Broker Portal credentials, you can log in to our secure portal at

As a certified Manulife Bank mortgage professional, you can use our broker portal to communicate with our underwriting team and review your mortgage applications, including uploading application documents, messaging underwriters, requesting rate buydowns, and more.

If you do not have portal access, please contact your Manulife Bank Business Development Consultant or Manulife Bank Sales team at 1-855-518-7546 or

At this time, Manulife Bank mortgage solutions are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. We are working to meet the unique needs of the Eastern Canada market and plan to offer our solutions later in 2016.

Manulife bank offers a simple but competitive compensation package for the broker channel. Please contact your Business Development Consultant for specific information.

We will have one of the largest sales team in the industry. Our Business Development Consultants will be working directly with mortgage professionals to ensure you get the attention and support you need to integrate Manulife Bank solutions into your business- and exceed your client’s expectations.

At this time there are no plans to involve the mortgage broker in the sale of creditor insurance. We recognize brokers have creditor insurance products available to them that are suited to amortizing mortgages, such as Manulife Bank Select. As Manulife One is a non-amortizing mortgage, we will be offering our customized credit protection to the customer post-funding.

Here are just a few of the differences that matter to your client:

  • A fixed $14 monthly fee that includes daily banking privileges. The fee does not vary with the number of sub-accounts
  • Prepayment privileges on fixed term sub-accounts: 20% annually
  • Fair IRD calculation on sub-accounts given Manulife Bank’s everyday low priced, published rate
  • Low rates mean competitive pricing for customers who want to add or renew sub-accounts in the future
  • High interest savings rate paid anytime there is a positive balance in the main account – no need for a separate high interest savings account!

Yes, Manulife One for Business is currently available in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta. However, this program is only available as a referral model for mortgage brokers. Please speak to your Business Development Consultant for more information.

Manulife Bank has invested heavily in technology with an Internet and Telephone Banking system that allows clients to check balances, transfer funds to other accounts, pay bills, set-up pre-authorized bill payments, make Interac money transfers and provide immediate information on all their transactions. There is no cost for clients who have the option to set-up and name numerous sub-accounts for tracking debt repayments. Most of these Internet capabilities are also available on our mobile banking application.

In addition to point of purchase debit, clients can deposit and withdrawal cash from any of the 3,300 ABMs that are part of THE EXCHANGE Network With over 800 Manulife Bank ABMs located in convenience stores across Canada, THE EXCHANGE Network is now the second largest ABM network in Canada.

Whenever a client needs help, our highly trained and supportive Customer Service Centre is there to assist your clients.

As a mortgage professional, you will not be required to train your clients on all the aspects of using the account. Prior to funding, the client will receive their access card, PIN and cheques all in separate mailings. A Client Guide will be emailed to the client. There will be a follow-up phone call by Manulife Bank on all new accounts to help clients learn more about our Internet and telephone transaction banking system, debit cards, ABM network and cheque writing or any other questions they may have.